This webcam selection is my favorite webcams from Finland and other countries in the world. Select the area from the menu on the left.The thumbnails are links to the actual webcam sites, which open in a separate window. Check also the additional webcam links under the thumbnails of each subpage of this page.


Some pages require that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. If you see no warning, your browser has Javascript enabled.

In a couple of webcams free Java Runtime Environment is required to view the live video. Without Java such a webcam often remains blank. Read instructions here. In some Java operated cameras you can control the camera (pan, tilt and zoom).

Furthermore AxtiveX contol is used in some webcams. Browsers behave in different ways when ActiveX control is needed. In IE a prompt is appearing in the Info bar, if a certain ActiveX control must be installed, which is done automatically once allowed.

Sometimes the thumbnails on my page do not load and only the link to the webcam site is visible. This can be because the webcam is temporarily down, but most likely just because the browser did not retrieve the thumbnail. Try to reload the page.

Some webcams are operating only in daylight hours and are at night showing either a black screen or a webcam picture of the previous day. A couple of local times shown under the thumbnails are sometimes shifted by +/- 1 hour related to the correct local time, because the start and end dates of the daylight saving time are not the same in all countries.