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My Commodore 64 My first own computer was Commodore 64, which I bought in 1984. I had first only one peripheral, a cassette station C2N, but I bought soon a floppy disk drive VIC 1541. If I needed a printer, I borrowed a small matrix printer from work.
I was more interested in programming with CBM Basic or Assembler than playing games, but of course I also played the wonderful games made for Commodore 64. I also communicated to the first Bulletin Board Systems in Finland with a terminal program using a modem with 300 bit/s speed.

Mikromikko 3TT A couple of years later one 286 PC of our office, a Nokia Mikromikko 3TT became obsolete and I carried it home. It had a rigid construction with an amazingly good reliability. Operating system was DOS 5.0. I also tried Windows 3.1 in it, but it was too heavy for this "ancient" PC.
I had a number of well proved character based DOS programs available, which would serve my needs for home computing for around 8 (!) years. One main use of it was communicating to Bulletin Boards, e-mailing in both VAX and Unix hosts and later on also web browsing with the Lynx web browser working in Unix hosts, just to mention a few. And of course I tried some programming too.

Still at the end of 90's I was using character based applications and giving commands in DOS command line in my home computer instead of clicking icons and other items with a mouse. I had already for some time used Windows at work, where I had a fast Pentium, but at home I had a slow 286. My home computer definitely started to be obsolete and it did not provide all those features I already knew were a must at the late 90's also at a home PC. So finally in 1998 I bought a Dell 450 MHz Pentium II PC with 11 GB hard drive and 128 MB memory. It also had a 100 MB Iomega zip drive and I installed a little later a Hewlett-Packard 8100i CD burner. The operation system was Windows 95 and later 98.

My present computer My present PC (12/2021) is powered by Intel Xeon E5-1650 V4 processor, has 64 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB SSD drive as system disk and 1 TB SSD as storage disk. OS is Windows 11 Pro 64-bit.

As a sound card I have an external DAC/Preamplifier Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.

As peripheral equipment I have a 2 TB external SSD drive for backups and an Epson EcoTank ET-2720 printer/scanner. The monitor is a 24 inch Fujitsu P24W-6.