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Juhani Löfström e-mail | www 12.01.2018 19:40
Hei, kävin katsomassa uusimmat kuvasi. Mielenkiintoiset näkymät ja huomiota kiinnitti kuvien taiteellinen toteutus.
Reply 16.01.2018 13:49
No joo, näkymiä on, mutta taiteellisuudesta en tiedä.😉
Kiva kun kävit.

Ricardo e-mail | www 24.05.2016 01:45
Hi Lasse

Today I made a turnee for your gallery and I was delighted by the beauty of the photos I saw. Photos of excellent quality and fantastic places that given me peace and quietness away from the noise of the cities. I enjoyed all: the beauty of the architecture, paths, lakes and beautiful marinas and also the beautiful churches that you photographed with mastery.

My sincere congratulations and a big hug from Brazil

Ricardo Mattos
Reply 25.05.2016 06:46
Hello Ricardo,
Thanks for visiting my gallery and for your overabundant praises for my amateur photographer's images. I am glad that you liked my photos.
Hugs from Finland,

August           | www 08.12.2015 07:59
Maybe the base link will work, like this...
ttp://www.fanpop.com/clubs/star -trek-original-series/images/19173829/title/spock-live-long-prosper-wallpaper

August           | www 08.12.2015 07:50
Hello, Lasse.

Here is your friend from Western RO., after much time passed.

Thanks again for the WML version of Weather...
The old NOKIA phones, a proof of Finnish stamina and creativity,
are still functioning perfectly after more than a decade...

I hope to write more, during these Winter months, finally.

I wish you, as Dr. Spock from "Star Trek" said:
<< Live long, and prosper >> !
images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/19 100000/Spock -Live-Long-and-Prosper-star-trek-original-series-19173829-800-600.jpg


Jussi e-mail | www 09.10.2015 20:22
Uuden kotisivusi taustakuva on upea. Holma näyttää mielenkiintoiselta paikalta.
Reply 12.10.2015 13:55
Kiitos mielenkiinnosta!
Se taustakuva muuttuu kuukausittain vastaamaan ajankohtaa. Iso-Holma oli jo partioaikoina tunnettu retkikohde, vaikka en muista käytiinkö siellä silloin.

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