Info - Change History Layouts change history

DateChange    (last updated: 20.09.2021)
17.02.2021 Europe and world weather page changes
09.02.2021 Snow depth comparison of selected years
06.10.2020 New features to gallery photo pages
05.05.2020 E-cards were removed from the site
20.11.2019 Snow depth of Finland weather stations added
11.11.2019 Gallery of most viewed photos
30.12.2018 PHP version change
14.09.2018 Pages to be mobile friendly
16.08.2018 Weather page changes
10.08.2018 Map changes
02.06.2018 Webcams page removed - Webcams now as links only
30.07.2017 Gallery to responsive desgn
17.07.2017 Hamburger menu
02.03.2017 Finland weather in a table
11.09.2016 Big changes in weather pages
26.12.2015 Finland and Helsinki weather forecast
13.09.2015 A face-lift to the main page and other layout changes
24.06.2015 Change in Europe and World weather pages
01.02.2015 Contact form
12.11.2014 Finland weather forecast is back
03.01.2014 New main page content.
15.06.2013 Main page weather forecast changed
06.04.2012 eCard music in native HTML audio
03.12.2011 Updates and Change list combined into Change History
17.11.2011 Changes in weather pages
22.10.2011 New menu design
12.11.2010 Finland weather forecast sub-page added
26.10.2010 New Maps page
20.10.2010 A new Hiking tracks page and change in Photo locations
25.09.2010 Exif data of photos is now shown in Gallery image pages
01.09.2010 Google Maps now use API V3
02.08.2010 A new comparison table in Helsinki weather
06.11.2009 Music page removed and Tools page added
14.09.2009 Photo location maps added for album photos
26.07.2009 Europe and world weather page updating changed
04.01.2009 Location map of gallery images
20.11.2008 Weather query enhancement
24.07.2008 Helsinki weather month/year temperature comparison
03.11.2007 Browser and OS statistics added to visitor statistics
26.09.2007 Changes in Computers page
14.09.2007 Changes in weather pages
14.08.2007 Weather search page added
29.04.2007 Europe weather and Helsinki weather ticker
26.04.2007 Slideshow option added to Gallery
11.04.2007 Site map added
05.04.2007 Feedback / Guestbook changes
18.02.2007 New ideas in weather pages
10.02.2007 New layout
15.10.2006 Favourite web cameras page added
21.08.2006 TOP 20 added to the Statistics page
15.08.2006 Updates added to main page
10.08.2006 Cards statistics change and new links statistics
02.08.2006 A new gallery design and view statistics
03.07.2006 Info page is added
02.07.2006 Visitor statistics reorganised and page load statistics
26.04.2006 World weather page was added
31.03.2006 Cards page was reorganized and statistics added
27.01.2006 Espoo and Finland weather pages
27.12.2005 Layout versions screen shots added
13.12.2005 A big layout change
10.04.2005 Electronic card sending page, feedback and statistics
30.07.2004 PHP, JavaScript and visitor log
01.04.2001 First attempts of own design
28.02.1995 My first homepage in 1995