Finland maps

Here is my collection of Finland maps from different sources
Google map A standard Google Map of Finland with map controls, search and street view
SVG map with roads and railways A SVG map of Finland with roads and railways created by Oona Räisänen (3.57 MB)
Big Finland map (old) Another big Finland map (740 kB, jpg, year 1998 )
Small Finland map A small map of Finland
Citizen map site (topographic) A map site 'Karttapaikka' with many interactive features like place name search and several seletable map layers. The default layer is a topographic map.
Geodata Portal map
Paikkatietoikkuna -kartta
This map application is based on the Finnish map service 'Paikkatietoikkuna'. The map opens by default centred in Espoo, but you can locate the map anywhere in Finland with the 'Search location' feature. You can move the map centre by dragging. The default map layer is a background map, which shows steet names and house numbers, when zoomed in enough. There are also other map layers available, like Topographic map, OpenSteetMap & Ortophotos. See the 'Help' of the map for other features.
Interactive Finland map
Interaktiivinen Suomen kartta
An interactive Finland map. Clicking on the map locations successively shows the address more and more accurately. You can also personalise the map to start elsewhere than in Finland
Löydä osoite klikkaamalla karttaa. Jokainen klikkaus tarkentaa kartan ja osoitteen alapaneeliin.
My other map applications