Coordinate Converter

This tool converts latitude / longitude coordinates between three 
commonly used notations. These notations are:
- degrees, minutes & seconds (DMS), example 60 deg  8 min 50.8 sec 
- decimal degrees, example 60.147444 degrees
- integer degrees and decimal minutes, example 60 degrees 8.847 minutes

When you enter a valid coordinate to one of the three alternative inputs 
and click "Convert", the values of the other notations are calculated.

In many contexts the DMS notations also include letters N or S for north
and south latitudes and letters W and E for west and east longitude.
For simplicity, these are not handled here, neither are negative 
coordinates which are commonly used together with decimal degrees in 
case of south latitude or west longitude.
Degrees, minutes and seconds
deg min sec
Decimal degrees
Integer degrees and decimal minutes (GPS coordinates)
  degs mins

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