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My weather pages, Helsinki weather statistics, current weather in Finland, Europe & world. 3 day forecast for Finland weather stations.
Weather statistics in Helsinki - Vantaa airport. Statisticcs since 1.1.2006.
Weather in Helsinki - Statistics today and in 10 last days
Weather in Helsinki - Statistics of a selectable year and month
Weather in Helsinki - Comparison of temperatures in a month of selected years (curves)
Weather in Helsinki - Statistics of a selectable year
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Weather in Helsinki - weather records since 1.1.2006
Weather in Helsinki - Query the weather of a specified date
Current Finland weather with a map and detailed weather data
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Current snow depths in Finnish weather stations
Current Europe weather with a map and detailed weather data
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Search weather for world METAR stations
My Google Maps API applications. A list of links to the applications
Diverse PHP script tools. A list of links to the tools
A computer page with my experiences in computers net and programming
Elliot 803, Honeywell 6000, teletypewriter, punched paper tape, Basic program
Mini computers, VAX 11/750, VT100 terminal, Datatrieve, EDT, TPU, VAX Mail, Digital Command Language, DCL
First personal computers, IBM PC, MS-DOS, Apollo, Unix workstations, Local Area Network, Macintosh, Powerbook, Laptop
Commodore 64, Nokia Mikromikko 3TT, DELL Pentium, AMD Athlon 64
Virtual communities, Bulletin Boards Systems, BBS, Internet Relay Chat, modem 300bit/s, modem 14400bit/s, ADSL
Basic, Digital Command Language, DCL, VAX Pascal, VAX C, Commodore Assembler, Turbo C, Unix shell, GNU Emacs, Lisp, Homepage design, PHP
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