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Info Information on my pages, page history, change history and myself
· General General information on my pages
· Page History A short verbal description of my page history from 1995 to today
· Change history A list of changes with links to change descriptions
Site map This site map
Contact / Feedback A contact form to contact the site owner and give feedback
Gallery My Photo Gallery main idex page
· Album-Espoo Album - Espoo photos
· Album-Helsinki Album - Helsinki photos
· Album-Nuuksio Album - Photos from Nuuksio National Park
· Album-Cities Album - Photos of other cities in Finland
· Album-Landscapes Album - Landscape photos
· Album-Winter Album - Photos of various winter landscapes
· Album-Other nature Album - Other nature photos of various kinds
· Album-Stockholm Album - Stockholm photos
· Album-Tallinn Album - Tallinn photos
· Newest Photos Newest photos in all albums
· Location maps Photo location maps for photos, which contain GPS information
· Photo hikes The tracks of my photo hikes drawn on Google maps with photos included
· Statistics Statistics of photo views with sortable columns
eCards Here you can send electromic postcards (eCards) to your friends. The cards are either my own photos or drawings/paintings of various artists. You can also attach music to your eCards from a select list.
· All eCards All eCards divided into 5 groups
· Nature eCards A nature card subset of the eCards. Mostly landscapes photos.
· City view eCards A city view card subset of the eCards. Cards from Espoo and Helsinki.
· Christmas eCards A christmas card subset of eCards. A small collection of Christmas cards.
· Congratulation eCards A small collection of congratulation eCards
· Beethoven eCards A special set of Beethoven eCards. The cards are paintings and drawings of Beethoven's comtemporary artists and some newer ones too. The music is from the site "The Unheard Beethoven".
· Statistics - Sent eCards Statistics of sent cards. Viewing by category possible.
· Statistics - Used music Statistics of the used music in the sent cards
· Statistics - By Time Statistics by time of the sent cards
· Statistics - Top 10 cards Top 10 sent cards shown as thumbnails
Links My link page divided into subpages by different categories
· Finland links My Finland related links, information, places to see, art, maps etc
· Finland photo links Links to photo galleries of Finnish landscapes and nature, photoblogs of Finnish photographers
· Music links My collection of classical music links
· Photography links Photography related links. A selection of photoblogs and galleries, photo communities,articles and reviews
· Weather links Weather related links. Finland and world weather. Personal weather pages.
· Personal Homepages Some personal homepages of my friends or other homepages I like.
· Other links Links, which do not fit to the other categories
· Link statistics Statistics of link clicks
Weather My weather pages, Finland and Helsinki weather based on FMI open data
· Helsinki-Vantaa Weather statistics in Helsinki - Vantaa airport. Statisticcs since 1.1.2006.
· Today and 10 last days Weather in Helsinki - Statistics today and in 10 last days
· Selected year and month Weather in Helsinki - Statistics of a selectable year and month
· Compare month   temperatures of years Weather in Helsinki - Comparison of temperatures in a month of selected years (curves)
· Selected year Weather in Helsinki - Statistics of a selectable year
· Months of the year Weather in Helsinki - Monthly max/min values and average temperatures
· Month/Years Weather in Helsinki - Statistics table of a selected month in all years
· All years Weather in Helsinki - Yearly startistics overview table
· Maximum and minumum Weather in Helsinki - Minimum and maximum values of today, current month and current year
· Record values Weather in Helsinki - weather records since 1.1.2006
· Query a day's weather Weather in Helsinki - Query the weather of a specified date
· Finland - Now Finland weather page with weather data of several Finnish weather stations
· Finland - Forecast Finland weather forecast foir several Finnish weather stations
· Europe weather Europe weather page with data of several aviation METAR weather stations
· World weather World weather page with data of several aviation METAR weather stations
· Weather search Search weather from aviation METAR stations around the world
Webcams A collection of my favorite webcams as thumbnail links to the actual webcam sites. Also links to other interesting webcams
· Webcams - Finland A selection of webcams in Finland
· Webcams - Europe A selection of webcams in Europe
· Webcams - Americas A selection of webcams in Americas
· Webcams - Africa A selection of webcams in Africa
· Webcams - Asia A selection of webcams in Asia
· Webcams - Oceania A selection of webcams in Oceania
Maps My Google Maps JavaScript API v3 web applications. A list of links to the applications
Tools Diverse PHP script tools. A list of links to the tools
Computers A computer page with my experiences in computers net and programming
· My first esperiences Elliot 803, Honeywell 6000, teletypewriter, punched paper tape, Basic program
· Mini computers Mini computers, VAX 11/750, VT100 terminal, Datatrieve, EDT, TPU, VAX Mail, Digital Command Language, DCL
· Workstations and PC's First personal computers, IBM PC, MS-DOS, Apollo, Unix workstations, Local Area Network, Macintosh, Powerbook, Laptop
· My own computers Commodore 64, Nokia Mikromikko 3TT, DELL Pentium, AMD Athlon 64
· Communication Virtual communities, Bulletin Boards Systems, BBS, Internet Relay Chat, modem 300bit/s, modem 14400bit/s, ADSL
· Programming Basic, Digital Command Language, DCL, VAX Pascal, VAX C, Commodore Assembler, Turbo C, Unix shell, GNU Emacs, Lisp, Homepage design, PHP
Statistics Page visit statistics in various views
· Year/Month A graph of page visits by year and month
· Month/Day A graph of page visits by day of month. Year and month are selectable.
· Domains A statistics of visitors' domains
· Loaded pages Graphs of loaded pages in year basis
· Browsers Statistics of used browsers and operation systems
· Top 20 A table of TOP 20 hosts and Top 20 origins
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