Map applications

Links to my Google Maps and other map applications. Google maps are based on the documentation of Google Maps API V3.

Most of the maps are stand-alone PHP scripts.

Here is also a collection of Finland maps from different sources.

Specify a place location on Google map A map tool to show place location coordinates on a Google map. A search by place names or coordinates is provided. A personalised start location is possible. The place location can be copied and used for example as a link in an e-mail. In a desktop distance measurement is also available.
On the bottom of the map are two links. First of them opens standard Google map with the same location and scale as this map. The second link opens OpenSreetMap application with the same location and scale as this map. A help is provided.
Google Directions A map tool to show Google Directions and route on a Google map. Depending on your device either a desktop or a mobile version is shown.The start and end locations are defined by clicking on the map. To facilitate finding the start and end locations a search is provided. One can create alternative routes by adding 1-6 waypoints. Directions can be shown in selectable languages. A personalised start location is possible.The desktop version has more features. Help is provided.
OpenSreetMap This is an OpenStreetMap implementation. A search by place name is provided. A personalised start location is possible. Double clicking on any point in the map centres the map into that position and zooms in one step. By default this map opens into Espoo centre in Finland. Help is provided.
NLS Geodata Portal map (Finland) This map application is based on the Finnish map service 'Paikkatietoikkuna'. The map opens by default centred in Espoo, but you can locate the map anywhere in Finland with the 'Search location' feature. You can move the map centre by dragging. The default map layer is a background map, which shows steet names and house numbers, when zoomed in enough. There are also other map layers available, like Topographic map, OpenSteetMap & Ortophotos. See the 'Help' of the map for other features.
Drawing a GPX track on map A map tool with the help of which you can draw a track on a Google map from an uploadable GPX file. If the GPX file contains elevation of track points, an elevation prifile is drawn.
Interactive map My own Google Maps application with reverse geocoding. Clicking on a map successively shows the address more and more accurately on the bottom pane. By default it starts in Finland, but you can personalize it to start in other locations.
Finland maps Finland maps from different sources