Map applications

Links to my Google Maps JavaScript API v3 applications. Most of them are stand-alone PHP scripts, but a few of them are regular sub-pages of my homepage. The JavaScript parts are based on the documentation of Google Maps API V3.

Here is also a collection of Finland maps from different sources.

Coordinates from Google map A map tool to show location coordinates on a Google map. Depending on your device either a desktop or a mobile version is shown. A search by place names is provided. A personalised start location is possible. The desktop version has more features.
Google Directions A map tool to show Google Directions and route on a Google map. The start and end locations are defined by clicking on the map. To facilitate finding the start and end locations a search is provided. One can create alternative routes by adding 1-6 waypoints. Directions can be shown in selectable languages. A personalised start location is possible.
Photo hikes A map showing my photo hikes drawn as tracks on a Google map. The inputs of the tracks are GPX files, which are generated by a GPS off-road navigation application ViewRanger in my mobile phone. The photo locations are shown with markers. Clicking them opens an info window with a thumbnail of the photo as a link to the actual photo.
Topographic map This map application is based on the Finnish map service 'Paikkatietoikkuna'. By default the map layer is a topographic map of Finnish National Land Service. The map opens by default centered on Nuuksio Lake Uplands. You can move the map center and also do a seach by place name.
Drawing a GPX track on map A simple map tool with the help of which you can draw a track on a Google map from an uploadable GPX file.
Finland maps Finland maps from different sources